Why A Library Card?

Discover the Benefit of A Library Card

Your "Read on the Go" Card

Life is busy. But don’t let that stop you from reading. Whether you’re in a car, on a plane, or riding the bus, you can check out and read (or listen!) to free ebooks and audiobooks on your phone, tablet, or computer with the Libby app. All you need is a library card to get started.

Your "Borrow, Don't Buy" Card

Why buy when you can borrow? With a library card, you get free access to books, movies, magazines, newspapers, Internet access, board games, and more. It’s the most valuable card in your wallet! 

Flower and veggie seeds, zoo passes, even kayaks…you can borrow so many things from your local library! A library’s mission is to share resources with their communities, whether that means books or board games. Try something new when you borrow with your library card!

Your "Learn Something New" Card

Learn something new every day with your library card. Your library has free online classes called Gale Courses that help you learn new skills and live your best life. Learn how to paint, start a business, save for retirement, and more. Classes at your own pace, online, anytime.

Your "Friday Night Movie" Card

You can spend money at the movie theater or the video store. Or you can check out a stack of movies to last you all weekend long, free from your library. What will you choose? 

Some libraries also have access to Hoopla, a streaming service that lets you stream movies with no wait time. Ask at your local library about Hoopla!

Your "Read While You Wait" Card

Waiting at the DMV. Waiting for a doctor’s appointment. We all spend time waiting, so why not read while you wait? With a library card, you can check out and read ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines on any device, no matter where you are.

Your "Find Your Ancestors" Card

Searching for Great-Aunt Mildred? The top genealogy websites charge you hundreds of dollars a year, or you can use AncestryLibrary at your local library for free. Log on, build your tree, and save some green.

Your "Build A Resume" Card

No matter where you are in your job hunt, you can find and use job resources at the library or online with your library card. Many libraries offer resume builders and other tools, and librarians are there to help with forms and paperwork for unemployment, applications, cover letters, and retirement.  

Your "Save More Money" Card

There are so many ways to save money with a library card! Anyone who signs up for a new Costco membership at the Pewaukee Costco Warehouse store can show their CAFÉ library card from a Waukesha or Jefferson County library to receive a “thank you” Costco gift card.